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Hello, I'm Iain McLean

Senior iOS Developer. | Swift | ObjC | React-Native | Java | EJS

(+44) 07563772651
Woodbury Down, London, N4 2GN

Iain McLean

Senior iOS Developer - Swift - ObjC - React-Native | Android Programmer - Java


iOS Developer

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I am a professional developer with over 20 years experience in the field of programming, from Smalltalk and Java through to more modern languages such as Swift and JSX. I am a highly skilled individual who writes clean code and practices TDD alongside a healthy, agile working ethic.

I have delivered for start-ups and enterprises and have had clients such as Jaguar/Land Rover to the Open University, I work well with teams or alone and thrive in challenging projects with tight deadlines. I am a fast paced individual who keeps abreast with the ever changing world of mobile programming.

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Write clean, tested, quality code

I pride myself in being at the forefront of writing clean code, using the VIPER architecture to decouple code and ensuring clean, readable and efficient modern code using protocol-orientated design.

Design UX/UI

I work closely with UX and UI designers to deliver pixel perfect designs and custom animations that make the wow factor more realisable

Systems Architecture

I am well versed in systems architecture and can aid in designing server side api requirements and deliverables with regards to a highly efficient mobile application stack.

Modern code

I maintain a very close eye on the latest movements in technology as a whole, looking for advantages and opportunities where I can gain an upper hand and pass that directly on to you.


I write apps for phones, tablets, watches and TV and have delivered more than 100 Million app downloads to date.


I am always available to help and mentor others, providing valuable lessons and tips for the future programmers of tomorrow.

I will be available for contract work shortly, so grab me now.

If you are looking for an iOS programmer that has experience and ability, then get in touch with me and let's talk about your project.

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My education and experience.



Before Computer Science was a BSc dicipline, it was called Technology and I studied relational databases, object-orientated programming, micro-processor computing and electronics.

The Open University

1997 - 2003


Head of Mobile

I am responsible at the InMotion Accelerator Division of Jaguar/Land Rover for turning the ideas of the Labs into mobile MVP's. This has meant turning to React-Native in some cases to deliver for multiple devices and writing custom iOS components that wrap around React-Native

Jaguar/Land Rover

Jun 2016 - Present

Senior iOS Programmer

I was responsible for converting all of schuh's mobile apps into swift, these apps were internal stock management and in-store payment systems using third party payment terminals

schuh Ltd

Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

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Please give me a ring at a suitable time, I'd love to hear from you. (no recruitment agencies please)

Or, if you would rather send me a message about your project, just tap the email link below and I will try and respond as soon as possible and organise a call / hangout / skype chat. Thanks!